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Out of the Basement

“…a story of self-discovery that is intriguing, psychologically and spiritually astute, questioning, and thoroughly engrossing.”

-D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

This author is not just a writer but a great storyteller….The title drew me in, but the story made me stay. 

-Amy Shannon, Author and Book Reviewer

Out of the Basement is currently available in both eBook format ($3.99) and paperback ($10.99). To order click on your preferred format or on the book cover. Hard copies will become available at a later date, after our combined and patient efforts have helped flatten the COVID-19 curve. Out of the Basement will be shipped to 70 independent book stores across the country on August 1.

Michael Tanner is a citizen of two worlds. His outer world as a respected college professor affords him the opportunity to quietly pursue his joy of learning. His inner world, shaped by childhood abuse, is a prison of shame and pain where he battles mythological monsters that draw power from his nightmarish memories.

Though Michael has mastered the art of hiding his pain while in full view, the unexpected success of his new book, Bruce and Buddha: How Rock and Roll and Ancient Wisdom Can Guide your Life, pushes him well beyond his comfortable existence.

Bolstered by the possibility of romance, the encouragement of old friends, and a new ally, he decides he must face his past. Only by challenging humiliation can he earn the inner victory necessary to bring authentic peace to his life.