Momentous Personal Victories: Honoring the Struggle for Mental Health

Last week I had the opportunity to present Out of the Basement to a group of high school students enrolled in a class called Human Concerns in Literature. Michael Tanner, the protagonist of Out of the Basement, struggles to maintain his mental health as the lingering trauma of childhood abuse threatens to drown him inContinue reading “Momentous Personal Victories: Honoring the Struggle for Mental Health”

More Than Magic: Wanda’s Journey through the Darkness

With the series finale of WandaVision, the MCU has completed their most ambitious foray into the realm of mental health and grief. The superhero storytelling juggernaut has, to the credit of various writers, producers, etc., stepped into those tumultuous waters before. Whether it was Tony Stark’s PTSD in Iron Man 3, Thor’s combined angry/depressed stateContinue reading “More Than Magic: Wanda’s Journey through the Darkness”


In early December 2020, a valued colleague mentioned an abstract she read and the desire to find the article. The focal point of the article was the necessity for violence and the shortcomings of nonviolence. We discussed the concept for a short spell (and have returned to it since) and, in so doing, my interestContinue reading “Violence/Nonviolence”

Captain America and American Virtues

In my previous post, American Addictions, I presented my addiction model for viewing the history of the United States. At the end of that piece the question, “Could understanding and embracing these national virtues – the glory striding alongside the shame – be the keys to a more sober nation?”  was posed. Now we willContinue reading “Captain America and American Virtues”

Graduation Address for the Class of 2020

Hello P3ers and honored quests. It has been a strange year, with traditions great and small cast aside while anxiety and fears gripping the hearts of many.  Joy and hope, however, endures. It always does. Always. I often end my school year with a graduation address delivered to my P3 class at NFA but, alas,Continue reading “Graduation Address for the Class of 2020”

Harriet Tubman and the Power of Movies

  A couple weeks ago I, along with two colleagues, took a group of our high school students to see the movie Harriet. We were in the middle of our Road to the Civil War unit so the timing of the film’s release was perfect. I reminded the class before we went that, even thoughContinue reading “Harriet Tubman and the Power of Movies”

Top Ten Movie Speeches…for now

My daughter was in a reminiscent mood the other night. She was talking about highlights from the previous school year. One memory that she was particularly happy about involved a homework assignment that created a shared experience: she had to watch a civil rights themed movie. “Hidden Figures” was chosen and we watched it together.Continue reading “Top Ten Movie Speeches…for now”