Seeking Faith among the (Walking) Dead

Faith and The Walking Dead may not seem like a natural fit but wherever people are they bring their faith with them…even in a zombie apocalypse! Join me in an exploration of faith and what it means to be a flawed but, ultimately, a good man. When season seven of The Walking Dead came toContinue reading “Seeking Faith among the (Walking) Dead”

Bruce Springsteen – Master Teacher

Hidden amongst the array of jargon polluting education is the phrase “Master Teacher.” I am told one becomes a “master teacher” upon achieving tenure so, I’m one! Yes! Evidently I’ve been one for a long time. I’m sure such designations matter somewhere in the business or politics of education, but that’s not my world. I’mContinue reading “Bruce Springsteen – Master Teacher”

Does Batman Deserve a Statue?

“Art, however, can heal. Art can speak to the logic of our dreams and touch the emotive core of our souls. It can evoke wonder and soften the calloused heart. Why can’t a commemorative statue carry the power of art?” Beginning with Batman The conclusion of Christopher Nolan’s acclaimed Dark Knight Trilogy includes the unveilingContinue reading “Does Batman Deserve a Statue?”

Don’t Say the “H-Word”

The Netflix series The Defenders opens with a brief exchange between a cynical and often petulant Jessica Jones and her much more upbeat and optimistic adoptive-sister Trish Walker (1). Trish: “You’re not comfortable with what you’ve become, Jessica. You are now a full-fledged su..” Jessica: “Don’t say the ‘H’ word.” Jessica was still adjusting toContinue reading “Don’t Say the “H-Word””