The Dukkha of Star Wars: Using the Force to let go of the Past

    A simple translation of dukkha would be anything that makes one feel anxious, restless, or distressed. Anytime someone feels their life is out of sync they are experiencing dukkha. The first noble truth of Buddhism states all of life is suffering which means we all experiencing dukkha in one form or another atContinue reading “The Dukkha of Star Wars: Using the Force to let go of the Past”

Seeking Faith among the (Walking) Dead

Faith and The Walking Dead may not seem like a natural fit but wherever people are they bring their faith with them…even in a zombie apocalypse! Join me in an exploration of faith and what it means to be a flawed but, ultimately, a good man. When season seven of The Walking Dead came toContinue reading “Seeking Faith among the (Walking) Dead”

Bruce Springsteen – Master Teacher

Hidden amongst the array of jargon polluting education is the phrase “Master Teacher.” I am told one becomes a “master teacher” upon achieving tenure so, I’m one! Yes! Evidently I’ve been one for a long time. I’m sure such designations matter somewhere in the business or politics of education, but that’s not my world. I’mContinue reading “Bruce Springsteen – Master Teacher”

Does Batman Deserve a Statue?

“Art, however, can heal. Art can speak to the logic of our dreams and touch the emotive core of our souls. It can evoke wonder and soften the calloused heart. Why can’t a commemorative statue carry the power of art?” Beginning with Batman The conclusion of Christopher Nolan’s acclaimed Dark Knight Trilogy includes the unveilingContinue reading “Does Batman Deserve a Statue?”

Don’t Say the “H-Word”

The Netflix series The Defenders opens with a brief exchange between a cynical and often petulant Jessica Jones and her much more upbeat and optimistic adoptive-sister Trish Walker (1). Trish: “You’re not comfortable with what you’ve become, Jessica. You are now a full-fledged su..” Jessica: “Don’t say the ‘H’ word.” Jessica was still adjusting toContinue reading “Don’t Say the “H-Word””