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James Rourke is always pleased and honored to speak with groups regarding his books and the writing process. He has numerous presentations for his various titles.

Out of the Basement: James would be happy to meet with book clubs that form around the book at local libraries and coffee shops. If you’ve ever wanted to sit down with an author of a book you’ve read then this opportunity is designed for you! Discussion questions for your book club can be found at

Schools that have writers clubs or students who have read Out of the Basement can always contact James to schedule a classroom visit.

The Comic Book Curriculum: Schools and teachers interested in utilizing comic books in the classroom or designing philosophy and pop culture courses will find James an excellent source of ideas and information. Bring the super power of philosophic and psychologic inquiry to your students!

From My Classroom to Yours: Teaching is increasingly a draining profession. James, having endured his own bought of teacher burnout, will always make time to discuss teacher resiliency with his fellow professionals.

Email James at to discuss presentations, visits, book clubs, and all things writing.

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